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Mine engineering and design

Global and local partner for sustainable mining

The mining of metals and minerals is becoming increasingly important to our society. Metals that have never been used before play a key role in the transition to a greener economy. As the demand for mining products rises, environmental concerns are reshaping the mining industry.

Assisting clients at every stage of a mining project

What does the mining sector need to do in order to ensure that mines are both lucrative and sustainable? How to treat ores in order to separate the valuable elements in the best sustainable way and as efficiently as possible?

Based on our industry domain knowledge, we can help clients at every step and in any scale of a mining project. Starting from geology and exploration planning, as well as environmental permitting, long before the actual mining activity can begin, all the way to mine closure and environmental monitoring. AFRY's expertise also covers the whole value chain from the first ore process after mining to further beneficiation, smelting and end-product refining and manufacturing, to end-of-life recycling.

The complexity of mining projects makes their overall evaluation demanding

At AFRY we guide mining developments in early-stages to carefully consider a variety of concepts to find the optimal project implementation alternative. Economies of scale brought by large-scale production may no longer be the only solution. In the future, limiting the size of a mine may be optimal to meet the environmental terms. A smaller scale implementation solution may not bring the best financial profit, but it can provide other advantages. For example, capital markets are increasingly concerned about the long-term sustainability of mining, and access to capital is increasingly dependent on this.

Based on our extensive experience in engineering and implementing mining industry projects, we have the capability to help our clients in selecting both the best available technology and the most sustainable approaches for their investment.

AFRY has been active in the mining business for over three decades, working with many of the industry's key players, such as Alcoa, Anglo American, Boliden, LKAB, Outokumpu, VALE, Vallourec, and Usiminas.

Deep experience in design and execution of complex industrial projects

With us you get access to wide experience and deep technology and cross engineering discipline knowledge that help mining clients to realise their investments in set time schedule and within budget.

From full EPCM solutions to acting as project manager within the organisation, we assist in ensuring that projects of all sizes meet the highest quality, environmental, and safety standards..

With decades of experience in project control and management, our tools, and a broad global network of local resources, we will ensure project success.

Our experts can help administer, plan, coordinate, and manage every step of the process, from cost estimates and risk management to feasibility studies, needs analysis to procurement, with requirements and tender material, through implementation and follow-up.

Assessing environmental impact and social risks

At AFRY, we are experts in evaluating how your project affects and is affected by environmental and social factors. Stakeholder engagement is especially important in the mining industry because of the immediate contact to and impact on local communities through the usage of resources such as water, energy, and land. An Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) is a key step in every project for evaluating, predicting and addressing potential environmental and social impacts as well as regulatory constraints.

AFRY helps implement permitting strategies, development schedules, as well as mitigation and management plans. That way, we ensure that our clients comply with applicable environmental, social and ethical standards throughout the life cycle of the mining operations.

Opportunities to improve resource efficiency

The mining industry has several opportunities to increase resource efficiency. For instance, the full potential of waste as raw material has not yet been realised. AFRY is committed to identifying and developing technological solutions that result in more effective recycling operations, waste reduction and elimination, and repurposing waste streams into new products.

Based on our extensive process understanding, we offer solutions for handling and reusing process and waste water, as well as how to handle the overall environmental challenges associated with mining. When the mine is operational, maintenance and process optimisation is key to ensure that operations are running at maximum capacity with minimal impacts. Our expertise also includes maintenance engineering and smart solutions to maximize mine productivity over time.

Global reach with in-house synergies

We have a strong Nordic engineering heritage: More than six decades of experience in developing and implementing all sizes of complex industrial-scale projects across the globe, in every environment.

AFRY is an European leader in engineering, design, and advisory services, with a global reach. We are 17,000 devoted experts in environment, infrastructure, industry, energy and digitalisation, creating sustainable solutions for generations to come. Mining and metals projects of all sizes gain from our in-house integrated knowledge in these industry sectors, which enables us to approach challenges from several angles, understand cross sections, and give true value solutions.

Our business model is based on our ability to provide clients with a wide range of consulting, engineering, and project management services as well as solutions to demanding challenges that arise during the project lifecycle.

Key competencies for the mining sector:  

  • Feasibility studies with various CAPEX and OPEX accuracies
  • ESIA services supporting project permitting
  • Health, safety studies
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Mine and process design, multi-disciplinary engineering services
  • EPCM (engineering, procurement, project and construction management) services
  • Project management services
  • Technical consulting, Management consulting services, including technical due diligence studies and process optimisations
  • Digital solutions for smart operations & maintenance
  • Tailings and water management
  • Mine closure plans
Janne Tikka - Head of Mining & Metals
Janne Tikka
Head of Mining & Metals

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