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Quality Engineering

The Creation and implementation of Quality Assurance in Product Development and manufacturing 

Every organisation is engaged in quality engineering in some way, whether they know it or not. The very act of creating a product or service implies taking on the task of delivering quality to some level.

AFRY is specialized in expediting and managing the quality scope when manufacturing mechanical components and mechanical installation and inspection in highly regulated industries. 

We know that great management and quality assurance in both projects and line operation is essential for sustainable quality engineering. Our experienced coworkers have knowledge of design and implementation of Quality Management Systems in development of both businesses and processes.  



Expediting - One of our specialities

By performing expediting of suppliers and deliveries we ensure that ordered products are delivered in accordance to specified quality requirements and time schedule.

How to:

Frequent reporting of status for milestones help keeping deadlines regarding quality time schedule and other fulfillments in the contract. We usually report directly to project management and purchasing, this helps the project management to have a good follow-up and basis for payments and progress.

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Man in work wear overlooking industrial scene

Complete solution regarding Quality Assurance

By setting quality criteria together with project management and purchasing already from the contract stage we ensure that the quality assurance milestones that are linked to time plan and payment plans are held.

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Welding and Materials are important parts of Quality Engineering


What is a typical role for a Quality Engineer? Arrow pointing right

Quality Engineers are found in a wide spectrum of professional roles with the overall aim of making sure that the final products are safe, reliable, and meet customer expectations while keeping the manufacturing process as effective and cost-efficient as possible.

Some companies call the role QA engineer, QC engineer, Senior Quality Specialist.

Which roles does a Quality Engineer work close to? Arrow pointing right

A Quality Engineer works close to various stakeholders such as:

  • Design teams and R&D teams – test and identify the product durability.
  • Manufacturing teams - ensure that equipment and processes follow standards.
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control - set out appropriate tests and acceptable result parameters to make sure that the testing for quality throughout the manufacturing process is effective.
  • Customers – analyzing reported issues, document records and implement changes to manufacturing.
  • Suppliers - see our offering “Expediting”
What skills does a Quality Engineer need? Arrow pointing right

Creativity and Structure - Quality Engineers often design, create and implement quality practices such as routines and documentation for a given product or factory.

Curiosity and Problem solver - A quality engineer need to understand underlying issues, develop successful fixes, change practices when necessary to ensure predetermined quality standards are maintained.

What is the difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering? Arrow pointing right

The similarities are many! Both QA and QE make sure that manufacturers produce goods according to regulations and specifications.

Quality Assurance is the overall process of making sure that a manufacturer makes things properly. The manufacturer needs a quality system to make that happen.

Quality engineering, on the other hand, defines that system. It also maintains and improves it. Quality engineers design and monitor the quality of processes. They work in a variety of industries and play a vital role in correcting or fixing defects.

Fredrik Videll - Business Unit Manager, Quality Engineering
Fredrik Videll
Business Unit Manager, Quality Engineering

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