Vantaa Energy Waste To Energy Plant

Groundbreaking waste-to-energy plant, Vantaa Energy, Finland

Turning household waste into cosy homes...

Vantaa Energy is one of Finland’s largest urban energy companies and is jointly owned by the cities of Vantaa and Helsinki. In 2014, their groundbreaking waste-to-energy plant became operational, the culmination of a five year project.

What did the client want?

Right from the start, Vantaa Energy wanted an approach that maximised output while reducing overall CO2 emission; and a design that was practical and aesthetically pleasing to the community.

To help achieve their aims, we collaborated closely with Vantaa Energy to cover everything from the environmental impact assessment (EIA) and permits to engineering and procurement through to construction management services. Using the strength of our global knowledge base the project was able to develop an innovative solution that has helped to shape industry best practice.

The demands of this project have been unusually high. We wanted innovative engineering, beautiful design and new levels of production. And you delivered on all fronts.

Kalle Patomeri, Project Director, Vantaa Energy

At the end of the day, it was the collaboration we developed with the Vantaa Energy team that made the difference.

Ilkka Lassila, Senior Project Manager, Vantaa Energy

What was the result?

The new plant will achieve efficiency of 95% and help Vantaa Energy to use about 30 per cent less coal in electricity and heat production, whilst substantially reducing the amount of household waste that will be landfilled.

Project Facts

Client: Vantaa Energy

Type: Waste-to-Energy power plant

Output: 78 MW of electricity and 120 MW of district heat

Services provided:

  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  • Pre-engineering
  • Full scope EPCM, including: project management, engineering, procurement and construction management
Project Site Vantaa Energy Waste To Energy Plant Distance Shot
Vantaa Energy Waste-to-Energy Plant

Did You Know?

Vantaa Energy’s waste-to-energy plant will produce both electricity and heat amounting to approximately 920 gigawatthours (GWh) and electricity to 600 GWh a year—about half of Vantaa’s annual heating requirement. That’s enough power to keep 200,000 two-room apartments lit and 100,000 heated.

Vantaa Energy’s waste-to-energy plant will produce both electricity and heat