Grain field with solar panels, wind turbines and battery storage unit.

Renewable Energy

Providing efficient renewable energy solutions to meet global energy demands

Global energy demand is set to increase 100% by 2050. Maintaining energy security and creating a low carbon future are key challenges and renewable energy plays a vital, strategic role in meeting our energy needs, now and in the future. Almost two-thirds of net additions to global power capacity over the next five years will come from renewable energy.

Whatever independent technical advice you require, our expertise in developing efficient renewable energy solutions allows us to provide the exact services you need, at all stages of the project lifecycle, to help identify, realise and preserve your investments in renewable energy.

We have comprehensive know-how and understanding of all the required technical, environmental and commercial aspects in order to increase the use of renewable energy sources, or make use of existing resources and energy more efficient.

We will work closely with you, bringing best practice to your project gained from hands-on involvement in a multitude of projects worldwide - in bioenergy, hydrogen, waste-to-energy, wind power, solar power, geothermal energy as well as energy storage – and always with a full lifecycle understanding. Project execution and management of your energy assets are the core of our services. We will help you to achieve your productivity and profitability targets – delivering on time and within budget.

We are proud to support you in your role on this sustainable path and to successfully contribute together to a secure energy supply.

Arial shot of a wind turbine on a backdrop of green fields

On-demand webinar: How can energy companies define their short- to mid-term strategies?

Access this on-demand webinar from AFRY experts exploring strategic scenarios, different possible future outcomes, and insights into developing strategic thinking through scenario-driven analysis.

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