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By building on AFRY's core technological knowledge and making it available to customers in a new digital format, Smart Performance Services accelerates customers' digital development to an entirely new level. This is achieved by implementing best-in-class digital architectures and intelligent solutions that help optimise processes in terms of efficiency, safety, and quality while promoting sustainable development. The key is to create a lasting impact on customers’ bottom-line results.

At the core of digital development is the creation of a solid digital foundation. By establishing a single-source-of-truth, it is possible to integrate all technical (ET), operational (OT), and administrative (IT) data and make it available to various applications for visualization, analysis, and even Advanced Process Control (APC).

AFRY's approach to digitalisation is completely vendor-independent and impartial. All AFRY services and tools aim to avoid vendor lock-in: AFRY's goal is to find digital strategies and solutions that benefit the customer the most.

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Smart Digital Architecture integrates engineering (ET), operational (OT) and administrative (IT) software levels and establishes a digital level.


AFRY's technical process expertise in a digital format

AFRY has decades of experience in the technical processes. Creating value in digital requires also competences in data science, IT technology and programming, operations and change management and Advanced Process Control. AFRY has all these in-house and can provide unique value and tangible results.

The service offering is divided into four segments and covers all the tools required to develop and implement a modern digital strategy.

AFRY has been optimising industrial processes for decades, and now we do it in a modern and digital way. Contact us for a digital assessment that provides tangible value.

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Smart Digital Architecture for greenfields

As part of any engineering project, AFRY can design a Smart Digital Architecture. The objective is to ensure that the plant will be built according to the digital era so that the digital infrastructure is compatible with all and coming cutting-edge technologies. The key requirement of this is that its free of vendor lock-ins and that the asset owner is in control of data and all digital applications.

A Smart Digital Architecture establishes a digital level by integrating engineering (ET), operational (OT) and administrative (IT) data together.

Smart Digital Architecture integrates engineering (ET), operational (OT) and administrative (IT) software levels and establishes a digital level.
Smart Digital Architecture integrates engineering (ET), operational (OT) and administrative (IT) software levels and establishes a digital level.

In a nutshell, the criteria for Smart Digital Architecture are the following:

  • No vendor lock-in
  • Single Source of Truth
  • Data transparency
  • Client's complete control of data and solutions
  • Cost-effectiveness & Reliability
  • Supplier management platform
  • OT & IT integration
  • Low code programming
  • Appropriate cyber security

The work process of digital architecture development begins in the concept development phase and the level of detail increases as the work progresses.

FEL stages

The overall work process begins with defining value drivers for each operational area.

KPIs define data needs and provide input for technical definitions for each level in the process control hierarchy pyramid. Based on all requirements, digital architecture specifications are developed so that ET-IT-OT integration and a single source of truth can be established.

AFRY Smart Greenfield package

The deliverables consist of technical documents that enable cost estimation during project development and provide clear guidelines for detailed engineering.

  1. Vertical of global standards according to the blueprint
  2. Digital best practices workshop and training
  3. Network Diagram & protocols definition for the digital infrastructure
  4. Edge devices, on-premise server, and cloud specifications
  5. Low code and visualisation platform directives
  6. Data warehouse architecture building and validation
  7. Software technologies design
  8. Business cases preparation
  9. Solutions functional description sheets and RFQs
  10. Cost estimates for the implementation

Smart Digital Architecture combines best practices and modern technologies to create a digital foundation. Start your greenfield project with AFRY's Smart Digital Architecture package.

Greenfield presentation

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Smart Digital Strategy for running plants

Smart Digital Strategy focuses on concrete opportunities to improve plant performance. The approach is scalable allowing the customer to digitalise the mill according to the budget and the improvement opportunities. Depending on the client's need, a vendor-agnostic platform can also be implemented to build a digital layer. It can be started from one part of the process and then fully scaled, part by part.  

A Smart Digital Strategy Project aims always at implementation and measurable results. Find out our affordable ways to make your factory digital.

Phase 1: Assessment 

  • KPIs definition (OEE, Kappa, Cashflow, raw material costs etc.)
  • Definition of the ideal digital infrastructure for the plant (network diagram, database architecture, hardware specification etc.)
  • Viability study to understand the ROI
  • A roadmap to implement the solutions with the minimum structure to start it

Phase 2: Implementation 

  • Solution modeling and programming
  • Platform installation (if needed)
  • Solution integration

Digitalisation is not a single project but will become part of everyday business. AFRY can also be a long-term partner and provide support in the development of new end-to-end solutions to continuously improve the efficiency and autonomy of operations.

AFRY Smart Digital Strategy
Scope and workflow of the Phase 1 Assessment to create a roadmap for implementation.

Brownfield presentation

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AFRY has created an open-source, low-code, and agnostic platform that runs on a single edge device or across an entire IIoT network. Free from vendor lock-in, the AFRY Smart Platform is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to do a digitalisation journey properly, giving you ownership of your data and full control over all your digital systems and applications. It enables data storage, low-code programming, visualization, analysis, and advanced process control.

You can create your own low-code applications or install third-party solutions from various providers. You are free to maintain the Platform yourself or hire AFRY (or a third party) to maintain it for you.

Start small and scale fast while keeping it affordable

Digitalisation of a factory
The AFRY Smart Platform can be installed on premise, in the cloud or hybrid. You can start small with just one edge device and then scale quickly while keeping it affordable.
AFRY Smart platform functions
Features of the AFRY Smart Platform

Platform presentation

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AFRY has a broad and growing range of Smart Applications and digital applications, that build on decades of experience optimising industrial processes.

The solutions run on a low-code platform. They are delivered as “engines” that can be connected to any customer’s digital infrastructure

  • An engine is an algorithm that runs in the backend on any platform
  • You do not need to change your digital architecture as it works as a plugin on any platform.
  • We recommend low-code because it gives you visibility into the results and allows you to make changes if necessary.
  • AFRY will not attempt to sell you another closed platform or environment. AFRY's low-code platform is just a way to deliver world-class AFRY expertise as a digital app connected to any type of infrastructure.
  • In addition, with little programming effort, AFRY's experts are able to quickly replicate these solutions and connect several engines together to create even more powerful applications.
  • Customers themselves or third parties can create their own engines on the low-code platform. 

Smart Applications presentation

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Service areas


Smart Digital Architecture for greenfield projects

As part of any engineering project, AFRY can design a Smart Digital Architecture. The best-in-class digital infrastructure is secure, reliable, versatile, agnostic and comes with no vendor lock-in.

AFRY's experts will help you create a digital architecture blueprint and prepare your plant to be compatible with all new, cutting-edge digital solutions from any vendor.

Smart Digital Strategy for running plant

Smart Digital Strategy focuses on two things: return on investment (ROI) and the digital infrastructure. Strategy development starts from understanding the value potential in the process and evaluating concrete solutions to close them. The approach can be adjusted to any mill according to budgets and opportunities.

The implementation is based on an agile approach to building a vendor-agnostic digital infrastructure that starts small but then scales up step by step.

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AFRY Smart Platform

A key to quick deployment of digital use cases and achieving concrete results is the ability to easily develop and install digital applications in each phase of your digital journey.

AFRY Smart Platform utilises cutting-edge technologies and open-source tools with which you can design and implement your own industrial software management infrastructure

Smart Applications

AFRY has a growing catalogue of Smart Applications built on decades of technology expertise. All of these digital applications can be deployed as engines and connected to any existing platform or software. AFRY offers Smart Applications for visualisation, analytics, and Advanced Process Control. With AFRY's expertise and modern tools, it is also possible to develop a completely new application for any need, as a turnkey delivery or in collaboration with the customer.

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Sustainable partnerships

“At Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti, we have been working with Afry for many years at optimising our processes. Together, we have improved our site’s performance and our team’s technical capabilities. Our collaboration ranges from energy and water savings through to process optimisation and problem-solving using Six Sigma methodology.”

Agustí Maronda i Martinez
Managing Director, Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti (Iberia)
Mikael Maasalo - Vice President for Advanced Automation and Energy Solutions
Mikael Maasalo
Vice President for Advanced Automation and Energy Solutions

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