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Content Lifecycle Management

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All you need for Technical Communication

AFRY Zert CLM contains everything you need in order to create, collect, maintain and publish multilingual technical documentation and after-market material. The program is powerful, user-friendly, easy to adapt to your demands.

The program is developed to improve the quality, readability and experience of your documentation. All your material will be structured and simplified to be re-used later in a lot of various contexts.

By re-using documentation you will save up to 70 % of the expenses for new production, maintenance and translation.


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Developed for users

Zert CLM is powerful and appreciated program that is easy to adapt to your needs. The program is developed in close cooperation with everyday-users and we focus on user-friendly interface.

Our ambition is to let the program to assist you with:

  • Improved the quality of your documentation
  • Structure and simplify the work with documentation
  • Save time and resources
  • Help gather scattered teams for better collaboration.
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Create, collect, maintain and publish

Zert CLM contains everything you need to create, collect, maintain and publish multilingual technical documentation and aftermarket materials. We strive for an intuitive system through user-friendly interface and sustainability with smart process for reuse, overview and collaborative environment.


Interface and Intuition

We strive for an intuitive system through user-friendly interface and sustainability with smart process for reuse, overview and collaborative environment.

The user interface makes it easy to get started with the Zert CLM software. The system constantly helps with both spelling and terminology and ensures that you follow the guidelines defined by your company.


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The translation process

The translation process is easily handled in Zert CLM.

When you have completed a publication, with new or already existing content, you choose what languages you would like it to be translated into and forward it for translation. Zert CLM will automatically sense what is not already translated, collect it in a XLIFF file and send it on to a translator.

When the content then has been translated the translator will feed it into the system via the CLM web portal. Here you will be given the opportunity to review the content, before you choose either to send it back for translation or import into the system.

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Publishing portal

Publish your content to the publishing portal and make it easily accessible to those who should access the content, in all situations. Instead of reading ungainly books, you can easily find the right information at the touch of a button on your phone, tablet or computer. The responsive design allows the content to be adapted to the size of the screen.

The publishing portal gives users access to the content that is relevant to them.

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Publish to all formats

Zert CLM eliminates time-consuming duties like formatting and layout. In this way you will get more time to create the content itself.

Through the Zert CLM format, layout and style sheets you may easily publish the same content to all formats. No matter what content you choose to publish, it will automatically be converted in order to fit the out format.

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Developed for users, by users

Before a software investment, it is included to compare the products' properties. We believe that the two most important features of this software are user-friendliness and relevant features, it should be easy to learn the program and the development should follow the needs of the users. We try to achieve this with annual user meetings where we as product owners meet you as product users.

Read about the user forums in swedish:

2023 Lyckad systemutveckling och spännande satsningar

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The author environment

CLM can offer an intuitive author environment, which makes cooperation easy. You and your colleagues may also re-use phrases, images, tables and lists in order to save time.

The user-interface makes getting started with CLM easy. The system will all the time assist in spelling and terminology and make sure that you are following the guidelines that your company has defined.


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Process for translation

Zert CLM simplifies content management and the translation process. The program reduces costs by increasing the degree of reuse for both translations and layout.

When you need to translate something, Zert CLM will automatically find those parts of the material which lack translation and collect them in a XLIFF file, which will be sent to the translator. All communication with translators is handled via the Zert CLM web portal. Where you easily see the status of your material.



Full control by Structure and Quality Assurance

The strong quality assurance gives you full control and security, not least when translating. Recreating previous editions and / or selectively impacting important changes are features that make you effective.

Zert CLM brings together the entire process from information editing to publishing in one tool. Everything you need to work efficiently is in the program, the only thing you need to add is what you know best: information about the product.



Built for reuse

The system helps you maximize reuse by providing instant access to reusable segments. You and your colleagues can reuse phrases, pictures, tables and lists to save time. During writing, the tool helps with spelling, terminology and following the guidelines defined by your company.

Reuse is possible at every level of information down to the smallest detail. All information is stored and translated on a single occasion, but can be used in an unlimited number of publications. The automatic linguistic search feature helps you find and reuse material in real time.


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Spare parts catalogue for web sales

As you probably know after-market activities are becoming more and more important for manufacturers. It plays a greater and greater part for turnover and profitability.

With Zert CLM you will handle the after-market all the way.
Produce a spare parts catalogue, publish it to various out formats and invite customers to a web catalogue, where they will be able to navigate around in their machines and place orders.



Certificate of ISO/IEC27001:20123 for Zert
Essential Security 
Zert RM & CLM have certificate of the Information Security Management System standard: ISO/IEC 27001:2013
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Overview - some of the most important features

The user interface makes it easy to get started with CLM. The system constantly helps with both spelling and terminology and ensures that you follow the guidelines defined by your company. Have a look at some of the important functions in the previews below.

Zert CLM Alias print screen
Alias works in a similar way as cross-references.
Suitable for numbers, names, designations, codes, etc. that are not language-unique.
Zert CLM Phrase suggestion Print Screen
Phrases and Reuse
When writing, suggestions that are reusable can be displayed.
A text matching box shows the number of translations and usage of each suggestion.
Zert CLM Review Print Screen
Choose what content to be reviewed, who is to review it and how long it is to be available for review.
Zert CLM Publishing filter Print Screen
Publishing filter
Collect all information in the same publication instead of creating a publication for each brand, market, region etc.
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