Risk Management for Projects 

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Full control throughout the project

AFRY Zert RMp is a web-based program for requirements and risk management that gives you as a project manager full control throughout the project. The system handles and connects everything related to a project, from documents, requirements and activities to completion, lessons learned and archiving.

In addition to the unified work approach, Zert RMp is a tool for planning, process and quality support with a focus on statutory requirements, requirements from standards and company-specific requirements.

Zert RMp provide a easy to read overview, increased accessibility and smooth document administration. Using Zert RMp for the risk management in your project will probably save you both time and resources.

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Easy overview of progress and current status

With Zert RMp, the project manager will always be updated with the latest status. Throughout the entire project, every progress is visually available. With a click of a button you get information regarding what documents that are requested and the status of them. If they are changed, delivered or approved for example, the fulfillment of requirements can be shown in overview and more detailed reports.

Once the project is finished, you may choose to easily transfer to our main risk management Zert RM.

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Developed for collaboration

AFRY Zert RMp allows you to quickly get a visual overview of the status within your project. This way you always have control, even over the details. During the project, it is easy to get an overview of the status of the work, pick out reports. You can also invite stakeholders and give them an opportunity to see the current status. When the project is completed, all safety-related documentation is summarized and archived.


Real time status

All information is updated in real time which mean you directly see whether something is planned, ongoing or finished. At the touch of a button, you can, for example, see which requirements apply and which documentation will be needed. In the same view you also get the information regarding the status of these requirements.

Supplier interaction

Request important documents from suppliers with automated reminders and review processes. The suppliers can upload their own documentation to Zert RMp and at the very same moment, responsible reviewer receives a notification.


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Availability and control

When a document is uploaded to Zert RMp, the reviewer immediately receives a notification and the review process may begin. We recommend that you enter work environment plans, checklists, and other relevant documents in the forms, they are then linked to the current action plan.



You don´t want them but you certainly want to know about the ones you have!

Most important obstacles for reporting of deviations, incidents and other occurrence is accessibility and ease of filling out the initial registration form.

Zert RMp have solved the accessibility by enabling reporting via mobile applications and by using a simplified form it only take minutes to fill it.


Closing and improvement

When the project is completed, all safety-related documentation is summarized and archived. The tracking system facilitates lessons learned for your continuous improvement.


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Export and transfer

With Zert RMp the export and hand over of documentation in a project runs smoothly. The custom made templates allows you to export to other systems and file structures.

In addition, you easily export the information to Zert RM  for the line to get access and continue use the material.

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Collect, connect, archive

In AFRY Zert RMp, you gather all documents and link to respective activity in current action plan. You easily get a current overview of the entire project and when it is ready, all documentation is archived.

Structures and process enables smooth transmission if you need to hand over all, or parts, of the project.

Especially in large projects, it may be challenging to administrate documentation in a smooth way. Therefore, AFRY Zert RMp allows you to compile the entire project documentation and its status with the touch of a button.


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Smooth export of documentation

You can export to other systems and file structures thanks to custom templates. In addition, you can export the information to the Zert RM web service so that the line get access and easily continue using the material.

The information you export is always the latest. With the help of automatically generated residual point lists, it is easy to inform everyone involved about remaining activities.

Enter work environment plans, checklists, and other relevant documentation to the smart forms that are linked to current action plan. When the project is completed, all safety-related documentation is summarized and archived.


Manage all the details of your legal requirements automatically

By looking at the project in a matrix structure, project stakeholders and project managers get an overview of how everything is going, without having to go through all the details.

You see each subproject in individual columns and at line level you see disciplines. The bars show a summary of which requirements and documentation requirements are planned, ongoing or completed.

AFRY Zert RMp overview

Supplier control

Set up the requirements suppliers must meet and get a clear overview of its status, within the entire project.

Request important documents from suppliers with automated reminders and review processes. As soon as a supplier uploads a document to AFRY Zert RMp, the person responsible for reviewing the document may start their activity.


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