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Geology and hydrogeology

Expert services in geology and hydrogeology

AFRY’s geology and hydrogeology experts know soil, rock and groundwater

The need for underground construction is increasing. This concerns especially developing city centres, but also infrastructure developments in general – wastewater treatment plants, energy production, transportation and data centres, to name just a few. When building underground, it is vital to thoroughly understand the qualities of soil and rock, to be able to carry out the construction works efficiently and safely. Moreover, the impacts to groundwater needs to be always taken into account.

We know rock and soil. We help our clients in studies and modelling needed in construction, mining, energy and water supply. These services can include e.g. hydrogeological studies, groundwater chemistry, groundwater flow, geophysical investigations and modelling, geological mapping, rock and soil modelling and studies for spent nuclear fuel.

Our experts

As one of the leading experts in the geology and geophysics section, we have developed RockCad software, a tool for 3D modelling of rock and soil.

To measure groundwater flow in rock and soil, we are using Posiva Flow Log (PFL) measurement equipment, which we have developed in cooperation with Posiva.

Whether it about tunnels, soil investigations for construction, mining and exploration, geotechnics in mining, terrestrial heat, hydropower dams, groundwater studies or contaminated soil studies, we use the expertise gained in the most difficult and critical assignments in the last 40 years for the benefit of all our clients.


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Eva-Karin Jonsson

Senior Consultant and Hydrogeologist, Environment Sweden

Jari Pöllänen

Head of Section, Mining Environment, Finland

Reto De Paoli

Section Head Environment, Switzerland

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