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Groundwater protection

Comprehensive groundwater protection services

We provide expertise in the protection of groundwater resources

The water supply of societies is based on groundwater, artificial groundwater and surface water. Groundwater also plays an important role in geotechnical engineering and is increasingly being used for cooling and heating in modern building technology. To protect the ground water is it of primary importance to know the groundwater qualities and circumstances in the early planning phase.

Groundwater expertise is needed alongside traditional water supply services in a number of areas, including planning, construction, environmental impact assessments, soil pollution prevention, and water treatment. We are an experienced specialist in groundwater issues, our services covering all groundwater and artificial groundwater studies necessary, from research design to final reporting, data management to visualisation.

Our groundwater research portfolio includes large construction projects, entire sub-region water supply studies, support for applications for soil authorisation, and mining studies. We carry out both large and small projects, with the client’s needs and requirements our top priority.

Our groundwater services include:

  • Water supply studies - groundwater and artificial groundwater
  • design and engineering of water supply and water networks
  • Groundwater management in construction projects
  • Groundwater monitoring & monitoring software
  • Documentation for permitting
  • Groundwater protection plans
  • Soil and groundwater assessments
  • Risk assessments and environmental impact assessments
  • Groundwater modelling
  • Maps and visualisations
  • Groundwater research development
  • monitoring and reporting
  • remediation design and control

From soil and groundwater investigations to full scale remediations. Our experts always utilize the methods and technologies according to the specific project needs, to ensure the best outcome for the client. We have many years of experience in geo-hydraulic analyses using numerical groundwater models. On the basis of two- and three-dimensional model simulations, we prepare hydraulic studies as they are needed for design and permitting of underground infrastructure, development of large-scale groundwater management programs and remediation of contaminated sites.

In addition to 3D modelling, our tools and technologies include thermographic camera, video monitoring, water flow measurements and GIS services.

Reijo Kuivamäki - Head of Business Unit, Water Finland
Reijo Kuivamäki
Head of Business Unit, Water Finland

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