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OT Security

A proactive and well defined process for OT security helps your production and reduces risks

Digital solutions have fully become an integral part of every aspect of operations in all organisations. Companies that have high downtime costs, a need to protect intellectual property, or comply with new regulations, have an increased need for minimising any possible risks. To be able to harvest full benefits and sustainably grow the potential of digital solutions, they need to be integrated with each other in a secured environment in ways that enable a reliable flow of information and the trustworthy process automation. A major priority must be a securely composed cyber-physical posture that focuses on the unique real life challenges of industrial operations to enable further business growth on a wide scale.

Whatever independent advice and support that you may require, our expertise and extensive experience in establishing safe, secure, and reliable architectures and solutions, allows us to support you in all levels of the organisation and at all points in the life cycle of your operations, be it a legacy environment or a green field. We feel that we are uniquely positioned to provide world-class domain knowledge related to your field of operations combined with market-leading expertise in OT Security.

You will be supported with our tight internal cooperation of expert advisors that provide aggregated best-practice experience from your own industry as well as guidance from other industries. Our teams combine cyber-physical security expertise with market-leading knowledge in operational, cyber security, environmental, and commercial aspects to ensure all security initiatives are designed and implemented in a way that is fully aligned with the goals and strategies of your operation.

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We understand that modern security operations should address the needs of a stable operation environment while facing the fast-moving challenges of the surrounding world. It is vital to strike a balance between protective security controls and flexible abilities for incident response and recovery.

We are proud to support you in your role on the path towards safe, secure, and reliable operations.

AFRY’s Operational Technology (OT) Security specialists focus on guiding and advising industrial, infrastructure, energy, and other sectors with cyber-physical security where the digital meets the real world.

We help our customers to:

  • Perform security assessments of sites and organisations including the cyber-physical security and factors that influence the sites causing harm or loss.

  • Design a secure OT architecture with defence-in-depth using a security classification model

  • Advise how to build a secure and safe site with digitalisation with security-by-design, regardless of if it is a legacy site or a greenfield, including monitoring and detection of the entire chain and content.

  • Convert new regulations and legislation on OT security into suitable internal policies and processes.

  • Establish the right responsibilities and roles within the organisational structure and provide education.

  • Conduct OT cyber crisis tabletop exercises to improve the security readiness and cooperation.

  • Guide, advise, and coach on OT security strategy and planning

  • Assess and evaluate third-party/vendor solutions and implementations

  • Elevate corporate OT security culture and mindset

  • Unite forces with different domain knowledge of AFRY to comprehensively approach each customer’s needs in minimising the risks at any aspect of operations.  

Secure Site

Secure Site

An innovative approach to continuous safe and secure production in industrial control systems environments.
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Penetration Testing

Regular Penetration Testing will enable your organisation to assess which IT and OT vulnerabilities can be exploited in your organisation's attack surface, and, further, to prioritise which vulnerabilities need quick mitigation.
Filip Enander - Business Unit Manager Cyber Security
Filip Enander
Business Unit Manager Cyber Security

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