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Welding & Materials 

AFRY's welding engineers ensures integrity and safety for your system  

Welding and Materials are important parts of Quality Engineering  

Welding, the main joining method on most of the components in industry-, process- and power plants, is a critical link in the system.  Material and structure is affected in various ways by the welding process. Verifying the correct properties of the welds is therefore of high importance for the systems integrity and safety, and requirements of welding quality is often a mandatory part in many product regulations.  

Our welding competence is supplemented by material specialists with wide knowledge in conventional- and advanced metallic materials for various types of applications in steel construction-, pressure- and process equipment. For example materials with special properties such as: high strength, elevated temperatures, corrosion resistance, materials for gas- and jet turbines.  

Failure analysis with metallographic evaluation and material classification to identify possible material defects, material properties, welding related defects, corrosion and fractures and find the possible root cause of failures and problems.  

Let us help you with an overall solution to ensure integrity and safety for your system or contact us with your specific question.  

Our offer:
  • Welding advisor:  

Our welding engineers and specialists select the appropriate welding method and optimizes the process performance to find the appropriate quality level and best possible production capabilities. Troubleshooting and problem solving around welding- and welding related production processes. Development of welding plans, welding procedures, testing plans, and advisor regarding range of qualifications.  

  • Construction & Design:  

Design of welded structures and detail design of welds is dependent of choosing right material specifications and correct nomenclature and specifications for welding to fulfill the design document requirements in the current product regulations.  

  • Rules and regulations:  

Interpret rules and standards according to the different welding- and product regulations in the areas of: Pressure Equipment - PED, EN 1090, ISO 3834, ASME, nuclear power etc. Advice and assessment of welding related documentation.  

  • Welding coordinator - IWE, IWT, IWS:  

We offer support for your welding coordinator, alternatively full service from our Welding engineers as welding coordinator for your project.  

  • Inspection:  

Weld inspection and supervision; Inspections of welds and welding, steel structures-, process equipment and competence in non-destructive testing methods in accordance with applicable Quality acceptance criteria.  

  • Education and training:  

We bring you up to date with requirements for welding in various product regulations and offer customized training for your company in quality, welding technology, and welding related rules and regulations.  

Petrus Jansson
Business Unit Manager, Quality Engineering

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