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Sustainable and future-proof chemical industry

The chemical industry plays a significant role in modern society, contributing to the production of numerous technologies and products that have revolutionised the way we live, work and interact with the world around us.

Transitioning to a fossil-free future

A growing middle class and consumer behavior in emerging markets are driving demand for chemicals, as there are more end-users buying consumer goods, and other products using chemicals or plastics. At the same time, the chemical industry is also one of the largest consumers of fossil fuels, accounting for approximately 11% of the global demand for natural gas and oil (From energy to chemicals – Analysis - IEA). This heavy reliance on non-renewable resources not only creates environmental challenges but also poses risks to the long-term sustainability of the chemical industry itself. Thus, there is a growing need for the chemical sector to transition into a fossil-free and environmentally friendly approach. Companies that adopt fossil-free processes and products can gain a competitive advantage by reducing their carbon footprint and improving their environmental performance. The future of the chemical industry comes with opportunities which can get your company one step ahead!

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AFRY is driving sustainability and circular solutions

The bio-based industry transition sets the frame for fossil-based materials replacement with bio-based materials. Climate change, environmental concerns, an overall need for resource efficiency and scarcity of natural resources drive society and businesses to look for renewable, non-fossil raw materials and circular solutions.

Biochemicals, biofuels, bioplastics, novel biomaterials and textiles, wood products, pulp and all grades of paper and board are some products by the bio-based industry clients we globally serve. A circular economy is the key to a low-carbon economy and offers opportunities for the chemical industry to develop profitable products and services.

Our key competences

Basic and Fine chemicals Arrow pointing right

AFRY is a global leader in basic and fine chemicals, offering a comprehensive range of services including refining chemicals for various applications like water treatment, agriculture, and paper production. AFRY's core competencies encompass due diligence, safety consulting, conceptual design, feasibility studies, and operational improvement, as well as project management, promising safe, cost-effective solutions. We also provide multidisciplinary engineering and design services, along with comprehensive project management.

Committed to environmental sustainability, health, and safety, they deliver high-quality technical consulting services for process industries, underpinned by an unrivalled blend of global process technology expertise and deep local knowledge.

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Oil Refining and Petrochemicals Arrow pointing right

AFRY provides comprehensive, safe, and sustainable engineering and design services tailored for the oil refining and petrochemical industry. Offering a robust set of competencies such as due diligence, safety consulting, conceptual design, feasibility studies, and project management, AFRY supports a diverse range of process industries. AFRY is distinguished for its expertise in downstream oil refining and construction of hydrocarbon processing units, petrochemical plants, and power plants. We also specialise in turn-around and revamp projects, while ensuring safety at every phase of the project and plant lifecycle in compliance with legal norms.

Offering a one-stop solution, AFRY provides multi-disciplinary engineering and design, project management, and long-term partnerships for plant services

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Specialty Chemicals Arrow pointing right

AFRY offers a comprehensive suite of services and solutions specifically tailored for the processing of specialty chemicals. With a broad range of expertise spanning adhesives, elastomers, flavors, and food additives, we have a solid foundation to handle diverse industrials needs. Key services include due diligence, safety consulting, conceptual design, project management, and operational improvement. Alongside these, AFRY offers engineering services, environmental sustainability solutions, health and safety services, and technical consulting for various process industries.

As a technology-independent consultant, AFRY is dedicated to helping clients select the most beneficial alternatives, guaranteeing effective project execution and plant operations.

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Transitioning to a circular economy in plastics

The plastics industry can be transformed from a linear into a sustainable circular economy through the recycling of plastics. AFRY's unique offering gathers all engineering and consulting services for the project life cycle from a single source. AFRY works with technology technology-independent approach and is your reliable partner for scale-up from pilot plant to commercial operation.

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Did you know?

According to the 2023 Engineering News-Record (ENR) Global Sourcebook, AFRY is ranked #4 International Top Design Firm in the Industrial Processes sector where it holds the #4 position in Chemicals (non-petroleum).
Guy Skantze - Head of Chemicals and Biorefining
Guy Skantze
Head of Chemicals and Biorefining

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