Emosson dam and reservoir

Dams and Reservoirs

While ensuring control and peak energy through storage and pumped storage power plants, dams and reservoirs also serve to improve flood protection, provide additional irrigation or ensure the supply of drinking water.

AFRY's dam engineering experts guarantee an economical and secure solution with the highest technical quality, as well as sustainable implementation, from the feasibility study through to commissioning.

In recent decades our engineering experts have been significantly involved in the design and development of complex hydraulic and structural works for major storage projects around the world in extreme geological and geographical conditions. All types of dams are within our scope of services:

  • Arch dam
  • Asphalt embankment dam
  • Gravity dam
  • Arch gravity dam
  • Embankment dam, fill dam, rockfill dam (CFRD)
  • Roller compacted concrete dam (RCC)
  • Buttress dam
  • Flood retention dam
  • Tailings dam
  • Masonry dam/Rubble dam
Full reservoir behind the curved Emosson concrete arch dam
Emosson curved concrete arch dam and reservoir, Switzerland

We are accustomed to optimising reservoir storage schemes both technically and economically for a specific purpose. Our vast experience allows us to choose the best hydraulic system with corresponding structures. We can provide an optimal concept with regards to all underground structures such as tunnels, shafts, powerhouse caverns and access possibilities.

The quality of our services continues to be recognised many years after commissioning as we always place special attention towards operational needs during the design phases. This guarantees our client's added value and sustainable solutions for their investments.

Winter control of Lucendro Dam

Dam Safety

Dams are particularly challenging structures. The obvious risks are reduced with an appropriate structural design. The remaining risks are managed with adapted surveillance, monitoring programmes and proactive emergency planning.

Our authorized dam safety experts have long been engaged in specialist engineering and institutional expertise with private and state/federal dam owners, giving us the required skills to offer the best possible service in the following disciplines:

  • Design
  • Rehabilitation and heightening of dams
  • Climate change impacts on water resources
  • Seismic design and safety evaluation
  • Dam inspection, safety and monitoring
  • Dam break hazard analysis
  • Flood protection and irrigation
  • Instrumentation and monitoring of dams including digital solutions
  • Siltation and flushing issues, flood wave analyses, reservoir management
  • Capability building and training

AFRY’s proven track record in dam safety services

AFRY has been active in the hydropower business for more than 100 years and is well qualified to provide all necessary dam safety services during all project phases.

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