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Small Hydro

Climate change puts pressure on managing power in a way that is sustainable for generations to come.

One option is to invest in small hydropower and to capitalise on river resources in a decentralised manner. The contribution of small hydropower to worldwide electrical capacity is estimated to be on a similar scale as other renewable energy sources.

Small hydropower schemes are often underestimated because of their size; but, in fact, they need the same attention as large hydropower schemes. The main reason is the critical ratio between installed capacity and required investments. As a result, sound engineering and specific know-how is vital for a well-designed and successful project. In assisting clients with their small hydropower schemes, AFRY places focus on sound economic and safe operations by concentrating on key issues, such as:

  • Sound solutions for bed load issues
  • Thought-out excavation pit concepts
  • Incorporation of all environmental aspects
  • Simple and convincing civil structures
  • Optimised ratio between generation and investment costs
  • High reliability and operational comfort
  • Assessment of additional benefits, such as carbon credits

To rely on AFRY means to benefit from top class and global hydropower know-how from one source.

Doing things right comes from expertise – and expertise is what we are known for.

Downstream view of small hydropower plant

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