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Career Story Paris

Get to know Etienne Falque-Pierrotin from AFRY Management Consulting's Paris office. Learn more about our business and what it's like to work at AFRY.

MCD People Etienne Falque-Pierrotin smiling
Etienne Falque-Pierrotin

If you had to tweet about your job in 120 characters, what would you say?

My job is super exciting because it consists of helping people at a senior level in the energy industry tackle current issues in the energy industry.


What should clients know about your projects and what can they expect from working with you?

Clients should expect high quality work that puts them first by supporting them in transforming their vision. It is so exciting to have already worked with clients on a variety of projects in the industry from transactions to strategy and market modelling.


Besides your job. Tell us more about yourself. What do you like outside your work?

I like to balance my work with other activities during the day. Usually, I’ll meditate in the morning before work and go boxing at the end of the day. During the weekend I enjoy getting together with my friends of course!