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Career Story Zurich

Get to know Antriksh Singh from AFRY Management Consulting's Zurich office. Learn more about our business and what it's like to work at AFRY.

MCD Antriksh Singh
Antriksh Singh

What do you do as a consultant at AFRY and how long have you been doing this?

I am a Consultant in the Energy and Infrastructure sectors, focusing on projects in Strategy and Transaction Advisory Services. I have been with AFRY Management Consulting Switzerland for over 1 year now. Prior to joining the team, I worked as Energy Economist for a couple of years. I completed my Ph.D. studies from ETH Zürich in 2016.

Tell us how something about your typical working day

In my job, no two days are the same. However, as a team, we start our day with a strong coffee to catch-up on the progress of ongoing projects and prioritize our tasks. Depending on the projects at hand, my day could include several back-to-back meetings with clients and internal project teams or it could be a quiet one spent developing models and conducting analyses.


If you had to tweet about your job in 120 characters, what would you say?

I help experts and decision-makers come together and execute tough decisions more objectively, rationally, and critically


Beside your job. Tell us more about yourself. What do you like outside your work?

Training in fighting sports (Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA) and weightlifting helps me unwind after a long day. I enjoy leisurely walks and lengthy discussions with my wife on our favorite topics – travel, society, cultures, anything peculiar in the news, and ‘What shall we make for dinner?’