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AFRY’s solutions for water management

AFRY provides clients across the globe with top-class engineering, technical advisory and management consultancy services for water.

We see and feel the impact of climate change in our water. Many regions are facing water shortage and water related issues have major effects on urban and regional planning. Societies need to provide clean water for growing cities and ensure that the wastewater of cities and industries are handled effectively, meeting human needs and tighter legislation in terms of micropollutants and microplastics.

The scarcity of water, tightening legislation and public opinion will force water-intensive industries to further reduce their water consumption  - their “water footprint” -  and improve the quality of their wastewater treatment. At the same time, digitalization and smart water technology provide the entire water sector with new opportunities.

We help our clients with top-class engineering, technical and management consultancy services for water supply, waste water treatment and waste management, as well as waterways, storm water and flood management. Whether you need a trusted partner in implementing new projects or support in operating your utilities we have hundreds of specialists at your service.


Markku Oksanen

VP & Head of Water and Environment

Reijo Kuivamäki

Head of Business Unit, Water Finland

Milos Stefanovic

Head of Business Unit, Water Sweden

Ralf Janyga

Head of Business Unit, Water Germany

Thomas Morgenthaler

Head of Business Unit Water and Environment, Switzerland

Martin Fuchs Ph.D.

Head of Hydro Consulting and Head of Water Resources Austria

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