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Effective and realistic planning tools increase public participation in decisions. One method for creating a comprehensive planning basis is BIM (Building Information Modeling).

BIM ensures that the process moves faster and work is carried out more efficiently by allowing visualization of assumptions, problems and alternatives. All of the affected parties can view a virtual representation of how the project will look in reality. BIM creates greater clarity for all stakeholders throughout the life cycle of a project.

BIM and 3D modeling make it possible for more stakeholders to familiarize themselves with complex issues and understand a project’s scope and challenges. Let us provide a few examples. When clients can experience a future station building through a pair of 3D glasses, it gives them greater insight into the investment they are evaluating. If decision-makers can see the simulated flows in a future highway tunnel, this creates greater security in the decision-making process.

Models can also be designed to show potential changes in conditions over time. No matter whether a project involves buildings, roads or other facilities, the use of BIM contributes to fewer surprises and more reliable cost estimates.

Data Management is aimed at sorting, systematizing and embedding data in the project’s quality processes. This integrated working method increases both quality and clarity, which in turn saves money for the client.


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