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Energy Operational and Organisational Excellence

Adapting business operations to fast changing environments and the digital future. In a competitive business environment, achieving and maintaining operational and organisational excellence is one of the key factors of success. It’s about continuously identifying areas of improvement, fine-tuning organizations, operational processes, methods and tools , but also investing in a performance-based culture.

If you’re looking to accelerate the pace of improvement in your generation, maintenance, grid operation, sales and services, then AFRY is your preferred partner.

Unlike generalist consultants, our experts are able to dig deep into clients’ processes, and find improvement potential where other approaches fall short. Selected for our unparalleled depth of sector expertise, process and operations know-how, decades-long experience and profound knowledge of industry 4.0 / digitalization, we can help you to achieve long-lasting operational and organisational excellence.

Our global team of specialised management consultants and technical experts partner with our clients to deliver rapid and sustained results through our unique approach to operational process management. 

The work process concentrates on measuring and eliminating the Execution Gap (ExGAP). It is the difference between the capabilities of an operation and the actual performance level. 

Root causes for ExGAP lie in the work processes, platforms and people. Therefore closing the ExGAP often does not require investments; just redesign and implementation of processes supported by state-of-the art tools and systems and steered by an up-to-date management system.

Although AFRY's approach can be applied to any area in the energy sector, key references include thermal power plants (lignite, coal and gas-fired stations), district heating systems, grid operation and wind assets. Furthermore we have multiple experiences in running cost reduction programs for entire utilities.

  • We have developed new digital tools that can be implemented to help the organisation close the Execution Gap: AFRY's Performance Booster for the operations, Krti for the maintenance.
  • AFRY sources the best technology experts across its global network to create substantial value.
  • A typical project covers the full value chain of an energy company: operating model, sourcing & procurement, operations, maintenance, trading & dispatch, support functions, process optimization and implementation of industry 4.0 processes (as applicable).
  • Typical payback time of an Operational Excellence project is a few months, and the EBITDA improvement often reaches a level up to 8% of the total business revenue.
70 nationalities are employed at AFRY
200 projects have reduced their operating cost by 6-10%, thanks to AFRY Management Consulting

With AFRY's (former Pöyry) support, we started an optimisation project to reach our efficiency targets in the Business Line Energy & Utilities. The project is a success as we jointly defined improvement measures with an important economical improvement potential. During the process, we appreciated AFRY’s result-driven way of working and their focus on the essentials. We wish AFRY continuing success in their activities.

Heiko Mennerich, Senior Vice President / Head of BL Energy & Utilities of Evonik
Marcus Getta
Senior Principal, AFRY Management Consulting

AFRY is committed to protecting your privacy and keeping your personal data secure. We process personal data in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations and our privacy policy.

Mikael Maasalo
Senior Principal, Head of Digital Solutions and Operational Excellence

AFRY is committed to protecting your privacy and keeping your personal data secure. We process personal data in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations and our privacy policy.

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