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Bioindustry Management Consulting

Leading the future of circular bio-based resources and forest products

AFRY's dedicated team of over 200 industry experts advise and assist clients across bioeconomy value chains from forestry to packaging and retail, as well as from new bio-based materials to novel end uses.

The world is changing fast, signalling that bioeconomy practices, products and even organisation structures must adapt accordingly. Megatrends, such as sustainability, climate change, urbanisation and digitalisation, bring both challenges and opportunities to all stakeholders within the pulp, paper and packaging industries. Digital communications diminish the demand for print media, and climate change is increasingly shaping the world in which we live. Bio-based alternatives and a circular economy approach have increased in importance and are becoming the new norm​ for forest product development and manufacturing.

The important part is not only to survive but also to flourish. Industries and businesses engaged with bio-based forest products, whether they are pulp, paper or packaging companies, must consider these changing aspects in their operations to ensure their outstanding overall performance. They need to find circular ways of preserving resources and energy while developing new product applications by innovating and embracing digital transformation at an ever-increasing rate. This generates a growing and exciting market for AFRY's management consulting services for the bio-based supply chain.

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Our key offerings
– Strategy and implementation
– Operational and business excellence
– Market insight and modelling
– Innovation
– Investments and M&A advisory
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Out now! AFRY Insights summer 2024
This time, articles by our bioindustry and energy experts highlight the importance of collaboration for achieving meaningful results across industries.

Industry insights and business intelligence through a single platform

Supporting our clientele throughout decades has enabled us to produce comprehensive long-term outlooks for preparing for the future of the paper and fibre markets. These in-depth analyses provide invaluable insights into the sector's evolving global landscape by, e.g. comprising various supply and demand drivers.

For added convenience, we have condensed the outlooks' insights to a cutting-edge business intelligence platform, AFRY Smart. This platform serves as a user-friendly gateway to up-to-date data, forecasts, and analysis, enabling our clients to navigate through shifts in the paper and fibre market with confidence. With customisable dashboards and reports, the system provides them with the precise information they need for their strategic decision-making.


Frequently asked questions

What are AFRY’s specialist focus areas in the bioindustry sector? Arrow pointing right

AFRY’s team of bioindustry management consultants works seamlessly with engineers and digital experts, using an end-to-end approach from strategy to implementation and maintenance.

AFRY’s deep sector expertise spans numerous bio-based industries along the sustainability transition, including:

  • Biofuels
  • Biomaterials
  • Chemicals and biochemicals
  • Forest sector consulting, forestry and biomass
  • Mining, minerals and metals
  • Operational services
  • Packaging and converting
  • Paper, including graphic and speciality papers
  • Pulp and biorefining
  • Recovered paper
  • Textiles
  • Tissue and hygiene
  • Waste and recycling
  • Wood products
How does AFRY employ deep industry knowledge to empower its clients’ sustainable growth? Arrow pointing right

AFRY's service offering for bioindustry companies ranges from corporate strategy and process design to market insights and operational efficiency, backed up by an understanding of best practices.

Combining our collective know-how with detailed in-house databases and advanced analytics, our industry experts do their utmost to optimise our clients' operations within, e.g. bioproducts, pulp, paper and packaging industries.

Strategic solutions are implemented to streamline industry processes, enhance efficiency and foster sustainable growth while cutting unnecessary costs and ensuring outstanding overall performance.

How does AFRY incorporate circularity and sustainability in its bioindustry service offerings? Arrow pointing right

AFRY’s offering is based on supporting clients to reach their sustainability targets. Circularity is a fundamental part of the approach, which enables companies to become more environmentally and socially responsible while also enhancing their competitive positioning and long-term viability.

What services does Bioindustry Management Consulting provide to the sectors it serves? Arrow pointing right

To support our clients operating within the various bio-based sectors best, we customise our scope of services to match their specific needs precisely:

  • Expert witness services, including:
    • Strength of case assessment
    • Assessment of changes in market circumstances, including foreseeability
    • Assessment of changes in regulations
    • Analysis of market dominance
    • Estimation of damages
    • Economic expert reports
    • Technical expert reports
    • Economic expert testimony
    • Technical expert testimony
  • Investment assessment services, including:
    • Conceptual feasibility evaluation
    • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
    • Bankable feasibility studies
    • Second opinions
  • Market analysis and forecasting services, including:
    • Market strategies
    • Market forecasts
    • Assessment of competitive environment
    • Navigating regulatory frameworks
    • Demand analysis
    • Supply analysis
    • Cost competitiveness
    • Price forecasting
    • Sales planning
    • Market entry strategies
  • Operational and organisational excellence services
  • Strategy and business model services
    • Corporate, business, resource and technology strategy and implementation
  • Transaction, M&A and due diligence services, including:
    • Markets analysis
    • Customer assessment
    • Competition and industry analysis
    • Technical evaluation
    • Economic assessment
    • Personnel and management review
    • Post-merger integration
    • Growth potential and post-acquisition opportunity assessment
    • Risk assessment
    • Forest valuations
    • Market, commercial and regulatory due diligence
    • Operational due diligence
    • Technical and environmental due diligence
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Saara Söderberg - VP & Head of Bioindustry, AFRY Management Consulting
Saara Söderberg
VP & Head of Bioindustry, AFRY Management Consulting

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