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Digital Solutions & ICT

Accelerate your digital transformation

Digitalisation is one of the most powerful and versatile forces we have at our disposal to drive transformation towards a sustainable society.
Our mission is simple. We accelerate the transformation towards a sustainable society.

A connected society

The urgent need for a sustainable transition in our society is paving the way for rapid digital change. As digital technology changes all industries, the implications for business are vast, as are the opportunities to make an impact - from efficiency gains through artificial intelligence to streamlining production with the help of a digital transformation.

AFRY assists you from network hardware and infrastructure, all the way to the elegant and safe services needed for your company’s connectivity. As a starting point for innovation and collaboration, AFRY makes your connected solutions easy to use and cost efficient. We use the power of our dedicated engineers and designers with disruptive ideas from all markets to listen to you.

We have experience in designing processes and improving them by connecting batteries, cars, roads, people and more or less anything you can think of. AFRY is your one-stop shop for design, ideas and technology.

Our expertise

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Digitalisation and IT Solutions

We empower your organisation through a full spectrum of modern IT services and solutions, ranging from strategic advisory and digital consulting, to implementation, continuous optimisation, compliance and training.

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Design & User experience

Crafting end-to-end sustainable customer experiences and industrial design for a wide range of clients in mobility, fintech, automotive, and medtech. We connect the dots from strategy and innovation to the very design of each solution. All aimed to create sustainable and meaningful experiences that genuinely impact people, businesses, and society.

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Cyber Security

An innovative cyber security partner providing thought leadership and solutions on how to secure nations, societies, and industries. Our mission is to ensure a safe and secure transition towards a digitalised and sustainable environment as more and more services and systems become critical for nations and our society.

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Smart & Secure Connectivity

AFRY provides services for better coverage with increased security and stability. We help in finding solutions based on long experience in connectivity and in depth knowledge in IT security and cyber security. AFRY's advisory services are based on our expertise in industry and knowledge in IT-security and radio solutions.

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Robust Communication

Robust Communication means communication that can withstand intentional or unintentional disturbances of various kinds. This can be about robustness against, for example, technical faults, natural disasters, signal disturbances or cyber threats.

AFRY has extensive experience of dimensioning and designing secure and robust networks and communication solutions, both for commercial and key operations for the society. We can assist with technical solutions, business adaptations and training.

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Telecom Networks

The telecom market is undergoing rapid development, both in Sweden and internationally. The use of services in the fixed and mobile networks is steadily increasing. AFRY is the independent consultant partner that offers comprehensive expertise within telecommunication, data and radio networks and we support our clients throughout their systems entire life cycle, from analysis to decommissioning.

Fabian Lyman - Head of Sales, Digital Services
Fabian Lyman
Head of Sales, Digital Services

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Eskil Bendz - Unit Manager Connectivity and System Solutions
Eskil Bendz
Unit Manager Connectivity and System Solutions

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